Someone take this idiot’s phone away…

Last May, Iowa’s governor “Covid Kim” Reynolds signed legislation outlawing mask mandates in K-12 schools.

This legislation was passed through the Senate with the following votes:

Certainty is a tempting trap, but you’re better than that.

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Gurus hoard knowledge, manipulate their “disciples”, and starve critical thinking skills. They offer certainty in exchange for devotion. …

Get ready folx, Theatre is about to look… exactly the same.

Once upon a time there was a (probably) straight, (definitely) white and (insert eye-roll because, OF COURSE!) male super star named Normal. …

Can we stop the budget wars already?

Pandemic Panic

Around the nation schools and communities are reevaluating their budgets with an eye to cuts. Schools across the nation are laying off faculty/staff, issuing furloughs, and considering cutting vulnerable programs. We’re in a free-fall of monetary loss, and the Feds only seem interested…

I’m not the only parent losing my mind during quarantine…right?

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Oh, hello there! Are you reading this on your phone while you hide from your children in the bathroom, by chance? Are you even crying a little while you shovel ice cream into your gobhole from your perch on the…

Entitlement culture at its finest…

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Masks are stupid. Who wants to walk around looking like a knuckle-dragging dumb-bum afraid of the freaking air? Not this bitch! I’m going to die bare-faced and breathing through my mouth like God intended! Not that I want to die. I don’t. I totally, totally…

I promise it will be fun (and maybe a little weird…)

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A while back I sent out a flurry of emails to friends, inviting them to collaboratively write poems, one line and one email, at a time. …

The first “completed” poem in our first experimental writing project.

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Nobody prepared me for this…

A sharply canted world blue skies empty streets solitude multitudes drowning in abruptly impossible air songs cheers sirens prayers, rising.

Nobody prepared me for this…

My neighbors hate my license plate, a house too big to heat, fenced in w/directions downloaded to the hospital, prayers rising.

Nobody prepared me for this…

My friend sent me a clip of NYC’s 7:00pm tribute to workers where they’ve begun singing, “New York, New York”; she was horrifically off-key, but it didn’t matter.

Nobody prepared me for this…

I live alone in my cocoon surrounded by the books I never got around to reading and framed photos of my memories

…so I prepared myself.

Written by:
Tiffany Antone
Jaisey Bates
Emma Goldman-Sherman
JC Sullivan
Joan Arenstein

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown immensely tired of the “Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague” memes. Shakespeare had a patron, wasn’t suddenly tasked with turning an in-person class (or four) into an online class (or four) and he didn’t contribute a lick to home/childcare. …

How do we fix everything? CAN we fix everything? Can we fix anything?

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FEAR: Curiosity killed the cat…


We have become a nation obsessed with defending. We no longer seek our own answers, but instead defend inherited systems because they are familiar.

Not knowing is uncomfortable.

Tiffany Antone

Thinking thoughts, writing them down… trying not to scream in the interim. Also: Playwright. Professor. Mom. Wife. Cat-Servant. Follow @LadyPlaywright

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